Republicans Working on Own Budget — Plan to Slash ‘Woke’ and ‘Wasteful’ Spending

Republicans in the House have begun working on their own budget proposal to eliminate ‘woke’ and ‘wasteful’ spending, including a proposed 30 percent cut in Health Department programs.

President Joe Biden is set to reveal his budget plan Thursday in Philadelphia. He has been bashing Republicans on Medicare and Social Security and has secured public good faith pledges from top Republicans not to make cuts in the popular programs.

The pledges leave other spending, labeled ‘discretionary’ on the chopping block, with some conservative GOP members vowing to follow through on possibly politically painful cuts if necessary.

President Biden has criticized Republicans for working with the former budget official for former President Donald Trump, Russell Vought, and confirmed to the New York Times that he is advising them to make deep cuts to ‘woke and weaponized government.’

“I’m not saying you can balance on discretionary [spending] alone,” said Vought. “But a work requirement food stamp program is a lot easier to sell than premium support.” Vought was referring to a plan to require Medicare recipients to pay more.

The former budget official’s Center for Renewing America has categorized some of the cuts that might be a basis for a Republican budget plan that must pass the Budget panel and the House on a majority vote.

The proposed cuts would cut 29 percent, amounting to $37 billion, from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Department “is a key purveyor of radical gender theory in the medical field and infuses Critical Race Theory (CRT) through the guise of ‘health equity’ as part of its research emphasis,” according to the group.

Center for Renewing America: HHS’ promulgating’ so-called ‘gain of function’ research

The Center for Renewing America also slams HHS for ‘promulgating’ so-called ‘gain of function’ research while calling the agency a key supporter of the ‘abortion industry and the transgender medical agenda.’

Additional cuts outlined include a 45 percent cut in foreign aid while requiring work requirements to receive food stamp recipients and Medicaid and slashing the FBI’s counterintelligence budget.

“First of all, the president’s a liar,” said Vought. He continued, saying that the president signed a bill that ‘cut’ $280 billion from Medicare, referring to the provisions that allow the government to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies. However, the provision was considered a revenue raiser, not a cut in programs.

“When he was in the Senate, he proposed cutting Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, everything. So, this guy is a hypocrite,” said Vought. “What we ought to be focused on is: how does the American public get them in a position that financially they’re able to get the health care on their own.”

When Vought was asked if any savings could be found with Medicaid, he offered, “Well, look, can people get a job? The federal government’s not there to forever provide benefits for somebody [but to] create an economy where people can live on their own. Look, I grew up in public housing; I didn’t wake up every day saying well, I hope I can get back in public housing. I want to be independent.”