Rick Scott: GOP Will Hold ’52-Plus’ Senate Seats After Midterms

Senator Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said recently that the GOP will have “52-plus” Senate seats after the upcoming midterm elections. Scott also predicts victories in battleground states Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, in addition to other states. 

“Herschel Walker will in Georgia,” predicted the Florida Republican. “We’re going to keep all 21 of ours. (Mehmet) Oz is going to win against (John) Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Adam Laxalt will win in Nevada.”

Scott also said he expects wins for Republican nominees Tiffany Smiley in Washington, Joe O’Dea in Colorado, and Don Bolduc in New Hampshire, although they are now behind in the polls.

Wins will come, Scott said, because, “Democrats can’t run on anything they’ve done,” and Americans are unhappy with the Dems’ performance as a result. 

“They don’t like high inflation, gas prices, food prices up,” Scott said. “The public doesn’t like an open border. They don’t like high crime. That’s what the Democrats are known for. They’ve done all these things. Democrats did it. They did it and they want to run away from it.”

According to the FiveThirtyEight model, Democrats have a 53% chance to keep their Senate majority, to Republicans at 47%. However, the GOP is favored highly to win control of the House and possibly both chambers, with many poll numbers shifting nationally recently.

Senator Scott said that as a result of crime rates and high inflation, along with the border crisis, Democrats are due for a “rude awakening,” because those policies are “not what the American public wants.”

The senator said while there remain disputes over President Trump’s 2020 presidential race loss, including several Republican candidates denying the legitimacy of the election, the overall goal remains to make sure there are free and fair elections and that voters feel comfortable.

“What I tell everybody, if you want to make sure we have a fair and free election, go vote,” Scott said. “Be a poll watcher. I’m optimistic.”

If Republicans take the Senate back, they will work to secure the border and bring inflation down, said Scott. “We have to live within our means, and we (must) get a secured border so we can get some immigration reform done.”

Senator Scott decries attack on Paul Pelosi

On news programs, Scott spoke out against the attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul, inside their San Francisco home. “It’s disgusting,” Scott said. “This violence is horrible. That’s happened. We had a door knocker in Florida that was attacked. This stuff has to stop.”

Scott noted that when he took the position as head of the senatorial committee last year, he approached the Federal Elections Commission and asked if senators and candidates could use campaign dollars to use toward security.

“House and Senate members don’t have security, most of them, outside of D.C.,” Scott said. “We can have a heated conversation about the issues, but this violence has got to stop. This is horrible. My heart goes out to Paul Pelosi, and I hope he has a full recovery.”