Senate Immigration Bill is a Gift to Democrats Who Want Open Borders 

Senate GOP members giving cover to their Democratic colleagues who want open borders on the so-called immigration compromise bill will go down in history as one of the most significant examples of political malpractice by a political party.

If it were a worthy bill, Republicans would have been justified to hop on board to solve the immigration crisis. U.S. security comes before politics. Opposing legislation just because it might provide credit for your opposition is unacceptable.

But to be clear: This isn’t a good bill. The legislation is a disaster that codifies illegal immigration but doesn’t insist the president take action until 5,000 illegal aliens have crossed our border daily.

Therefore, the bill isn’t the only horrific policy; it’s terrible politics. Senate GOP support for this legislation throws a lifeline to their ungenuine Dem colleagues who fake that they want to solve the problem but can say now that those intransigent House MAGA Republicans have stopped them along with former President Donald Trump, who is standing in the way of political reasons.

When President Joe Biden took office, he conspired with the Democratic Party to ignore our immigration laws and allow anywhere from 6 to 10 million illegal aliens to enter and then stay within the borders of our nation.

This has been done purposely to make sure blue congressional districts that had lost population count the illegals in the census. They comprise approximately 22 electoral votes during each presidential election.

It is also planned that these newcomers will achieve citizenship, or at the minimum, voting rights, in the future.

Democrats calculated that the massive electoral advantage they would achieve from this trickery would be worth the possible political bloodbath. Sure, they will suffer at the voting booth in the short term because of the chaos they unleash on cities nationwide. Still, they would turn Texas into a blue state and control nationwide elections for a generation.

But wait — when we thought Dems were going to have to pay dearly for their betrayal of America’s sovereignty, the GOP gave the lawless Dems a free pass.

It’s awful legislation that would do more harm than good. It would codify catch and release, provide work permits for illegal migrants, and allow for the mass parole of unlawful aliens. The bill will allow 18 million illegal immigrants the ability to come here with no repercussions over the next decade.

The GOP could have adjoined this horrific bill to the solid HR2 bill that the Republican-led House of Representatives introduced in 2023.

Now that the arguments are out the window because of the weak Republicans who played nice with open-border Democrats. The GOP is appearing meek, stupid, and gullible — like the Dems want them to be.

Look at the New York special election held last month. Democrat candidate Tom Suozzi, who sounded like a moderate intent on securing the southern border while pointing to the bipartisan bill, has blocked each get-tough immigration measure that appeared in front of the House. 

Suozzi said there is a solution. It is a “compromise bill.”

That’s nonsense, but of course, it worked. It’s likely to work for numerous other Dems who would otherwise be tossed out on their butts because of their futile positions on the border over the past three years.

We should be grateful to House Republicans who are saying no to the bill that would legalize illegal immigration.

But the halting of the terrible bill from passing will have a side effect of helping shield Democrats from their terrible policies.

As previously noted, the compromise bill included the provisions of HR2, but Donald Trump still opposed it. However, it was an awful bill, devastating for its politics. 

By November, the American public will not forget the massive pain inflicted by President Biden’s inflationary spending policies. It might be the only thing left to halt the Marxists for another four years.

The GOP isn’t going to need it because the numbskulls placed in charge in the Senate may have just taken immigration off the table as a divisive issue.

If the GOP loses in November, Senator James Lankford and other architects of the immigration bill will be largely to blame.