“Shame on Them” — Doctor Rips White House for Shielding Covid Vaccine Data as CDC OKs Adding it to Childhood Immunization Schedules

The decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to add the vaccine for Covid-19 to the list of recommended childhood vaccines despite no publicized clinical trial data may cause “unintended harm,” according to Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor. Makary warned the move by the CDC will further increase vaccine hesitancy about immunizations given to children. 

The CDC’s Immunization Practices advisory committee voted unanimously to approve the new recommended immunization schedules for children and adults for 2023, including vaccinations for Covid-19 for children as young as six months old. 

Makary emphasized that the addition of the Covid vaccine marks the first time a vaccine was added to the CDC’s list without publishing clinical data to support the benefit of the vaccine. Although the vote by the committee doesn’t serve as official policy, its recommendations significantly impact how states determine which vaccinations should be required for children to be able to attend school.

“We saw the same thing with school policy. The CDC argued they did not close schools; they just sent the guidance. But local authorities will often blindly follow whatever the CDC does, and if the CDC is truly putting this on the vaccination schedule as they just voted to do, this will be the first-ever vaccine where there is no evidence to show a reduction in disease in the community,” said Makary.

Recommendation may shake parent confidence

The professor said the decision to recommend the vaccine for young children without any published clinical evidence proving it is necessary could shake the public’s confidence in other childhood vaccines, reducing the number of vaccinated children. 

“It threatens the credibility of MMR and polio and many other vaccines for which it has taken 50 years to build public trust,” warned Makary.

“Right now, parents are asking where is the clinical data to support this vaccine in young, healthy children. The human trials were never made public for the new omicron vaccine, which is the current vaccine that is being recommended. Instead, Pfizer and Moderna gave a top-line announcement in a press release; the underlying data is top secret,” explained Makary.

“Shame on them,” continued the professor, calling out CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, White House Covid response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf.

“That data should be public information. Why is it top secret?” asked Makary. “We believe it’s because it’s similar to the baby vaccine data, which was not favorable; it showed no clinical benefit. So, 94% of Americans have said no to this new omicron vaccine because the clinical trial data is not public.”

“There will be unintended harm from a broad adoption without showing benefit,” added the professor.

Before the vote, Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News medical contributor, pointed out the Covid-19 vaccine’s inability to stop the spread of the disease like other longstanding vaccinations on the CDC list. “Nobody questions a hepatitis vaccine or measles, mumps, rubella vaccine for school because it really prevents spread,” Siegel said. “The rub with this vaccine — it doesn’t prevent spread.”