Time for Talk is Over — World War III Looms Large

White House academics and President Joe Biden just slammed on the accelerator toward a terrifying destination: World War III.

Almost two and a half years ago, instead of standing up to Russia to deter the invasion of Ukraine, the president uttered during the speech that America’s reaction would be less harsh if it were only a “minor incursion.”

Here at home, the pitch to back Ukraine with weapons was that we would only provide weapons that are defensive with no NATO or U.S. boots on the ground in the war.

Look how far we’ve come. 

Until now, the U.S. has not led any diplomatic effort to end the conflict. 

Weapons, money, and escalation without diplomacy or strategy is a recipe for a larger war. 

A quick study of the war in Vietnam will validate the truth. 

Except that this time, our so-called “whiz kids” wish to follow the late Robert McNamara’s footsteps by poking the bear — the number one-armed nuclear power on the globe.

The Biden administration, in command of leading the West, is provoking Putin openly, permitting the usage by Ukraine of advanced weaponry into Russia. None of the member states in NATO can articulate what end that will serve, while Joe Biden continues to assure the media the Russian Army is decimated, and the Kremlin reads these moves as the last step to worldwide war.

As for Putin, he is now openly discussing the thresholds where nuclear arms could be used and that they reserve the right to target NATO nations where the weapons originated.

Unlike academics at the White House, demands for the cessation of hostilities led by Israel against Hamas terrorists, you will find few NATO leaders calling for a ceasefire in Europe.

Let’s not take our eyes off the Chinese bullying of American allies and partners with impunity.

If you add in the millions of men here in the U.S. who are here illegally and are of fighting age, those warning us that WWIII is near don’t seem to be so sensational or overblown.

Are we ready for that type of war? 

I say no.

In addition to putting us in danger with a foreign — and likely a domestic — battle, the administration has made an art form out of laying further waste to the economy by obliterating small businesses with fake pandemic science and over-regulation and running up the national debt.

Although the police state says it loves democracy, it rolls back our civil rights, targeting parents at school board meetings, far before it takes any interest in which terrorists have made their home in America’s cities.

Americans are being taxed to death, all the while the swamp outspends what is brought in exponentially. Traditional culture in America is the enemy, and we are told the World Health Organization (WHO) will surely be after us after the next looming pandemic.

Ensure you ‘trust the science’ this time, or you will be canceled, and your digital currency will be revoked soon after.

This is all while the establishment continues to make the American middle class the next adversary while devaluing private property.

If you continue to be unaware of the steep drop-off we face, dig in and learn where credit card debt, loan defaults, and business failures are trending.

However, Ukraine remains number one. Ask GOP Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Washington, D.C. is ingesting your rights, your security, and your wealth; however, “Trump is a threat to democracy,” they continue to evangelize.

So how would the global elite overlords and the swamp attempt to disguise and bury their massive crimes?

A worldwide war seems perfect.

On this side of war, we can pre-analyze the players’ motivations.

We can spotlight the threats to our freedoms, the attack on our Constitution, overtly corrupt media, fake dossiers, no accountability, taxation without genuine representation, and the lies of Covid-19.

This is until Putin crosses the line and drops a nuke.

Then we’ll be at war, and we’ll be told to keep our mouths shut.

There are bad guys and good guys and no in-between.

If you don’t fall in line behind the war effort and compliment the president’s brave Congressional speech asking for a declaration, you will be called unpatriotic.

Story over.

Before this comes to pass and some Congressional genius resurrects the House Un-American Activities Commission (HUAC 1938), shouldn’t we do all we can to expose the truth and halt this chaos?

Alert! Today’s weapons are capable of putting an end to humanity.

Even if it doesn’t progress to that point, the inevitable drafting of your daughter or son might cause you to examine current events more closely. 

The last question we should consider before we land on a watch list is this: If the U.S. national security team has failed at everything it has done (and it has!), are we really willing to trust them as our tour guides through World War III?

Make up your mind quickly — your life could depend on it.