Trump Adviser Pam Bondi: Georgia Trial Date ‘Ultimate Election Interference’

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is “in way over her head” with the indictments against former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants in Georgia. Her call for a speedy trial to begin on March 4, only one day before the “Super Tuesday” election, is the “ultimate election interference,” said Trump adviser and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. 

“She’s trying to prevent a former president and the front-runner by far and most likely, I believe, the next president, the 47th president, from participating in the election,” said Bondi. “It’s truly…remarkable and absurd what she’s doing.”

Bondi also said it was “not a crime,” but a matter of “free speech” for Trump and others indicted to protest the election. 

“It shouldn’t even be in state court,” said Bondi. “It should be in federal court if they’re ever going to prosecute him for something so ridiculous.”

Bondi said a trial date of March 4 would also not work because of the number of co-defendants and the size of the Georgia elections case indictment.

“No case in history with that many co-defendants and that amount of charges — and they’re all facing pretty much up to life in prison, decades in prison — would ever go to trial before two years,” added Bondi. 

Bondi also blasted Willis for pursuing charges in Georgia against Trump when the state has massive issues with violent crime. 

“In Fulton County, anywhere in Georgia, I’d be pretty upset that this is what she’s taking her time as the elected district attorney to do,” Bondi said, adding that racketeering charges, like Trump and others face in the case, and are “reserved for violent offenders, for drug kingpins or criminals who commit serious violent crimes.”

“There are gang members running all over the state of Georgia, yet this is what she is doing,” Bondi said. “If, by some crazy chance, she got a conviction, it will be appealed, and it will be overturned. But I don’t think she’s even going to get that far because I think there are going to be motions to dismiss.”

Bondi notes Trump will ask to have trial moved

Bondi noted that Mark Meadows, former Trump Chief of Staff, had asked to move the case to federal court. She said she anticipates that Trump will also ask for it to be moved, as they were federal officials when the offenses allegedly occurred. 

“I don’t even think she has jurisdiction over this. I really don’t,” said Bondi.

Trump and the several co-defendants will be arraigned this coming week in the Fulton County Jail and not the courthouse because Bondi said Willis “wants this to be a spectacle.”

“She wants cameras in the courtroom, and you know in Georgia that defendants can appear via video for arraignment,” Bondi said. “They can waive their appearance at the arraignment and have defense attorneys appear on their behalf…nothing about this case is normal, and there should be no booking photo of him.”

But, Bondi says, Willis wants her “five minutes of fame.”

She added that Willis is “completely incompetent or she’s a liar” regarding the former president’s charges being placed on a county site before the grand jury submitted the indictments.

“It was totally set up,” Bondi said. “She knew what the charges were going to be. They leaked it, and I mean, it’s ridiculous.”