Trump Leaves Door Open to 2024 Return to Power

Former President Donald Trump teased during an interview that aired late Monday a possible run for presidency in 2024. While he declined to make definitive statements due to legal reasons, he left the door open to the possibility of reelection.

In an hour long interview with Fox News, host Sean Hannity asked: “Are you running again in 2024? What are the odds?” Trump said: “I say this: I am looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously.”

Former President Trump answered different questions from his location in his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. During the segment with Hannity, he discussed the state of the country, his relationship with Putin and some of Biden’s policies.

Trump declined to elaborate on the possibility of his reelection, claiming legal issues.

“I got tremendous numbers. Nobody has ever gotten the numbers I got. No sitting president has come even close,” he said.

“There’s more popularity now than there was the day before the election because they see how bad things are at the border. They see what’s going on. They see that their guns are going to be gone, their Second Amendment. Their taxes are going up. Regulations are going through the roof. Jobs are going to go out.”

Through the interview, Trump said he remained in contact with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and said that they had a good relationship.

The former president said that President Biden’s policies would take some time to impact the lives of Americans, but that once that occurred voters would make the decision to vote for a new president come election time.

GOP support

Despite the election results in 2020, Trump remains a highly influential figure within the Republican party.

He has repeatedly suggested running for presidency and would likely earn the support of several prominent GOP lawmakers. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley have already said they would support Trump if he secured the 2024 GOP nomination.

Haley said she wouldn’t run as the GOP nominee if Trump were to run.

Trump would likely face a challenge from other GOP nominees who have grown in popularity and influence over the past months. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become a popular figure among Republican donors due to his stance on lockdown measures in Florida.

Months later, Trump maintains his stance on the 2020 elections. He continues to believe that they were conducted unfairly and that the vote was rigged against him.