Trump Trial Witch Hunt Should Terrify All of Us 

Although former President Donald Trump doesn’t face a physical execution in his Stormy Daniels politically-motivated trial, unlike the Soviet police’s gruesome execution of innocents who had been labeled ‘guilty’ well before their ‘trials’ even occurred, the goal remains to execute his personal reputation and political career, rendering him unable ever to seek public office again.

It may be justified to draw parallels between Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, prosecuting this ridiculous case and the prosecution of alleged ‘crimes’ against those who displeased Stalin.

Some reprisals of roles don’t always work out the way intended. 

It’s safe to say Joseph Stalin and his prosecutor Lavrentiy Beria would be impressed by the “creativity’ Trump has been brought to trial for in Manhattan but also embarrassed by the desperate application of a prosecution over an incident allegedly committed 18 years ago.

The show trial in New York against the former president has been a disaster for the Democratic Party and prosecution.

Even well-educated liberals like Fareed Zakaria are lambasting the decision to try the case. 

Zakaria, for his part, doubts these charges have been brought forward to anyone other than the former president. 

No one following the case is more convinced of Trump’s guilt now than they were from the beginning of the trial. 

One may still be convinced that the former president should be solely convicted so that he cannot serve an additional term as president. 

Maybe it was wishful thinking that Bragg and his team would have a breakthrough and be honest with the American people and jury…but I doubt it. 

Bragg’s sudden hypothetical understanding could be expressed as, “Yep, we realize this case is the biggest thing that has happened since the Y2K hoax, but Donald Trump posts “mean tweets,” is “orange,” and is an “evil” man who must be stopped—therefore, we will ignore fairness, justice, facts, and the rule of law, so he can’t be president.”

If you doubt the case is about power-hungry, wild-eyed, politically motivated partisans, consider that several weeks into the trial, the prosecution has never disclosed the underlying crime that elevates misdemeanors to felonies. 

Maybe CNN commentator Michael Smerconish summarized it best when he stated, “A person, four or five weeks now into a trial, ought to be told of exactly that which they’re being prosecuted for, and that just hasn’t happened. All of it is the case that we all know and that Trump’s been put on notice, but it really isn’t true!”

According to Alan Dershowitz, a law professor, falsifying business records is a misdemeanor whose statute of limitations expired long ago. 

To try this case, the prosecution must show that falsifying records were made to further another crime.

If the allegation is one of election fraud—i.e., Trump illegally tried to help his campaign for president—that raises the issue of whether or not the Manhattan district attorney has jurisdiction over what should most likely be a case tried in federal court.

New York State prosecutors routinely decline to prosecute severe cases involving cases involving crimes like assault because they don’t have the resources to comply with New York’s arduous discovery laws.

According to an estimate, the joke trial against Trump will cost New York $2 million.

Once it became apparent Donald Trump was within striking distance from winning in 2016, numerous women came forward with a variety of tales about alleged relationships.

Should it be believed Trump was more worried about the effect of the Stormy Daniels tale on the campaign than the Access Hollywood story?


There isn’t a law against securing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) out of concern for protecting your family and marriage.

The show trial against President Donald Trump is a blatant abuse of power and a disgusting spectacle.

We should be terrified.