Trump’s Legal Troubles Part of a Wider Strategy to Suppress Dissent

Former President Donald Trump was recently convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. 

However, this isn’t about justice — an attack coordinated to take down a political adversary. Progressives and the Washington, D.C. establishment are pulling out all the stops to destroy America’s 45th commander-in-chief and anyone else standing in the way of their agenda.

Curt Mills, a conservative commentator, warned this will lead to an “arms race of recriminations.”

District Attorney of Manhattan Alvin Bragg only pursued Trump after his hand was forced.

Bragg was substantially pressured to act by Mark Pomerantz, a partner at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.

The criticism from Pomerantz, which was conveniently leaked to The New York Times, forced Bragg to revive his dormant investigation aggressively. Robert Schumer, brother of Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, is connected to this law firm.

This smells of political revenge and maneuvering.

Along with that is Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland’s Department of Justice (DOJ) seems to engage in less than honorable, selective prosecutions.

AG Garland’s appointment of U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith and the prior sweetheart plea deal for the president’s son, Hunter Biden, show a glaring double standard.

Garland’s refusal to comply with subpoenas issued by Congress regarding President Biden’s interviews further erodes the public’s trust in the DOJ.

The Democratic lawfare complex has created a transparent two-tier justice system in the United States.

The glaring unfairness and bias in Trump’s cases confirm this disturbing reality.

Beyond former President Donald Trump, a treacherous precedent has been set for future political rivals. Currently, it’s Trump. Tomorrow, it might be anyone who dares stand up against the establishment.

Recall that Trump wasn’t charged with the hush money payment itself.

He was accused of falsifying business records.

The genuine issue wasn’t the payment but how it was handled. A former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, faced similar charges but was acquitted quickly.

The double standard is blatant. Edwards was accused of utilizing campaign funds to hide an affair — a glaring violation.

But he walked free.

In the meantime, Trump is being martyred with 34 felony counts for bookkeeping practices.

On November 5, Americans will head to the polls. 

It’s Trump vs. Biden in a 2020 rematch. However, this is more than just a repeat of the past. On the line is a new war for America’s honest soul.

The stakes could not be higher. Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank, hovering around 40%. Inflation continues to skyrocket, the international stage is chaotic, and gas prices are soaring. Meanwhile, Trump continues to draw huge crowds, with rallies packed with enthusiastic supporters who believe in his agenda and vision for America.

A PBS NewsHour/NPR/Maris poll shows that Trump’s conviction does not sway 67% of voters. 25% of Republicans say they’re more likely to support him.

This emphasizes the resilience of Trump’s support and the deep polarization in U.S. politics. The broader sentiment is that many Americans see past the political circus and recognize a witch hunt. 

This is not only about one man but the integrity of our democracy.

The erosion of trust in our institutions is significant. When the justice system is weaponized for political gain, it undermines the society’s foundation.

Dems hope labeling Trump a “convicted felon” will finally defeat him in the November election.

Polls asking if people would change their vote based on events are infamously unreliable. The verdict has ultimately mobilized Trump supporters, making it even more likely they will show up in November.

The legal woes of Trump aren’t isolated incidents but part of a broader strategy to suppress political dissent and intimidate.

The double standards are evident. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was swept under the rug, and the business dealings of the Biden family were ignored. 

On the other hand, Donald Trump faces the full muscle of a biased legal system. Americans aren’t stupid (well…most aren’t). 

The targeted political attacks on Trump by the New York legal system are an attack on the American spirit. Justice is being sacrificed for political control and power. The 2024 presidential election is about saving America’s soul.

Supporting Donald Trump is about more than only endorsing a candidate. It’s about standing strong for American values. We must stand firm and rise against tyranny.

Ignore the ongoing far-left attacks. We must support Trump for justice and freedom in America and allow him to repair our global standing, restore our economy, and save our democracy.