“Unfitness Has Been Demonstrated”: Washington Post Columnist Calls for Biden and Harris to Drop Out of 2024 Race

Columnist with the Washington Post, George Will, called on President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris not to seek the White House in 2024, calling the pair unfit for office. Will wrote that the president is not just past his prime, but “even adequacy is in his past.” Regarding VP Harris, he wrote her “style betrays a self-satisfied exaggeration of her aptitudes. Lacking natural talent, she needs to prepare but evidently doesn’t.” Will, a staunch conservative known for his stern opposition to former President Donald Trump, voted for Biden in 2020 but wants a new candidate.

“In 2024, the Republican Party might present the nation with a presidential nominee whose unfitness has been demonstrated,” wrote Will. “After next Tuesday’s sobering election results, Democrats should resolve not to insult and imperil the nation by doing likewise.”

According to Will, President Biden’s recent falsehood that he had signed a student debt forgiveness “law” was a glaring reminder that he shouldn’t seek a second term. Instead, the handout was not given through a law but through executive action. Biden erroneously claimed the bill passed by a “vote or two” before he signed it into law.

“Biden was not merely again embellishing his achievements,” wrote Will. “This is not just another of his verbal fender benders. There is no less-than-dismaying explanation for his complete confusion. What vote? Who voted?”

More evidence of the president’s possible cognitive decline

The president’s speech was a stark reminder of the president’s likely cognitive decline. “It is frightening that Biden does not know or remember what he recently did regarding an immensely important policy. He must be presumed susceptible to future episodes of similar bewilderment. He should leave the public stage on January 20, 2025,” wrote Will. 

The columnist said the same goes for Harris, ripping the vice president’s “eerie strangeness” as demonstrated in unusual remarks including a word salad on the deep meaning of the “passage of time,” her effusive explanation of her love of electric school buses, her consistent repetition of the phrase “work together” at a recent summit, and several other widely criticized remarks that have become fodder for the conservative right.

“She sounds, as a critic has said, like someone giving a book report on a book she has not read, wrote Will, and added, “Complacency and arrogance make a ruinous compound.”

“Regarding Biden and Harris, the national Democratic Party faces two tests of stewardship: Its imprimatur cannot again be bestowed on either of them,” Will wrote. “Biden is not just past his prime; even adequacy is in his past. And this is Harris’s prime.”

Although Will is a conservative and has frequently spoken out against the Biden administration on policy issues, including the controversial student debt handout, the columnist made no secret of his disdain for a possible second term for Trump. 

President Biden has repeatedly said that he is planning to run for re-election.