United States Must Ban Voting by Non-Citizens — Democracy is at Risk

Only American citizens should vote in U.S. elections. 

What sounds like common sense seems relatively uncommon, given the recent pushback against a bill recently approved by the General Assembly that would amend North Carolina’s constitution to prohibit non-citizens from voting in local and state elections.

Opponents on the far-left claim non-citizen voting isn’t an issue. However, with the massive stream of illegal immigrants flowing into the country in the last few years, now is the time to close a loophole that could allow voting by non-citizens.

HB1407 was introduced to allow North Carolinians to decide in November if the commonsense safeguard should be added to the state constitution. 

If it’s approved by voters, the amendment would make a simple change to the state constitution. It would state that “only a citizen of the United States” may vote in local and state elections, explicitly and clearly prohibiting non-citizens from ever being allowed to vote in local or state elections in the Tarheel State.

It’s a simple adjustment with huge implications. As more and more states allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, the change would secure North Carolina’s elections from outside influence in the future and now.

The current language in the state constitution specifies that all individuals born in the U.S. or naturalized as citizens can vote. However, it doesn’t specify that non-citizens can’t vote. This loophole is at a huge risk of exploitation. We don’t have the luxury of unsecured loopholes in laws and possibly ambiguous gray areas, particularly regarding elections.

It’s a fact that over 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since President Joe Biden assumed office. Hundreds of individuals apprehended at the southern border are on the terrorist watchlist. In contrast, others have been found to have connections to violent organized crime rings and the Chinese Communist Party. It’s reasonable to say that the people of North Carolina and the entire United States don’t want individuals with these connections to vote in our elections.

The legislation would ensure that these individuals cannot cast a ballot in North Carolina and remove any possibility of outside influence in our elections.

What will happen if the bill isn’t passed? A loophole in the state constitution would allow non-citizens to vote in elections. Despite claims by the Left that it isn’t happening, it is, and voting by non-citizens has the potential to sway elections.

Maryland, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and California municipalities allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. In New York City, a law would have permitted 800,000 non-citizens to vote for local races, including mayor and city council. This number surpassed the margin of New York City’s 2020 mayoral race, meaning voting by non-citizens could have swayed the election if the law had not been found unconstitutional.

The huge risk of outside influence in our elections through voting by non-citizens should give anyone pause, regardless of political party.

North Carolina is not alone in looking to close this loophole. By making small changes to the state constitution to explicitly ban voting by non-citizens, it would join states like Florida, Alabama, North Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, and Ohio, which have similar constitutional language. Other states like Kentucky, Iowa, Idaho, Wisconsin, Missouri, and South Carolina will all vote on similar bans this fall. 

The threat to our elections is clear. However, we can solve this pressing, real problem once and for all with a simple change to the language in state constitutions.

Elections in North Carolina and all states should only be decided by legal voters—meaning only U.S. citizens. This is the next logical step that all states must take to ensure the security of our elections from outside influence.