Will Anyone Miss Joe Biden When He Leaves Office? Not Likely 

Joe Biden will ultimately depart the Oval Office and his position as President of the United States — one way or another.

For me and many other Americans … we won’t be mourning his “departure.”

To be clear, I don’t wish harm to our president or any nefarious event, but I surely won’t be sad when he’s gone.

Many others, Jews and Christians in particular won’t miss him either, as he has treated their views of lives and religion with outright hostility and disdain.

From abortion to Afghanistan to management of the economy, Biden’s performance is pathetic.

He has made hunting, prosecuting, and imprisoning his political enemies a matter of everyday oppressive routine. This means he is succeeding in demeaning the presidency’s moral authority.

But the days of true bipartisan grieving are history.

Following his death, millions turned out to celebrate the life and mourn the passing of Ronald Reagan, the U.S.’s 40th president. 

Will Joe Biden be mourned and remembered like Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or Abraham Lincoln were? Not likely. He is likely to fail in this regard as well.

JFK, Lincoln, and FDR had massive turnouts at their remembrances. Their reputations went from respected and good to the stuff of legends. Even now, decades or centuries later, they are viewed with reverence.

When Reagan died, millions of Americans turned out to pay their respects at the U.S. Capitol and the Reagan Library.

People drove — some across the United States — to wait in line for hours for his viewing in the Rotunda. Then, back in Reagan’s home state of California, a fantastic thing happened.

As the late president’s funeral motorcade made its way along California’s Highway 101 back to the Reagan Library and his final resting place, thousands of Americans stopped their cars, got out, and saluted the president, who they felt was their friend and leader.

It was unplanned and spontaneous. The left’s talking heads were shocked. Of course, they were.

The previously mentioned presidents — Biden not included — were all outstanding men of character with great achievements.

Comparing Joe Biden to these men is like comparing a lion to a mouse.

Biden’s only conscious — and that is questionable — goal is to hold onto the tools of government to hold on to power by illicitly imprisoning his political opponents, censoring, and crushing them.

Biden’s only alternative to acknowledging that conservative ideas are better than his collectivist ones is not to debate them but instead silence them through fear tactics.

This is a hallmark of the left — silence the opposition through any means necessary. His incompetence is used as a weapon.

Each of the previously mentioned presidents, minus Biden, have had grand edifices named for them. All of them have airports named for them. 

Reagan also has his Simi Valley library, the most visited presidential library in history, and the fabulous Regan Institute in Washington, D.C., a center of conservative ideas and thought.

American conservatism, after all, is real intellectualism.

When former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt died in 1962, Bill Buckley said, “Some came to mourn her, some came to celebrate her, and some came to make sure.”

Very few will miss Biden when he takes his final bow (in whatever way that happens), and fewer will celebrate him. Still, many will not wish to make sure he or his cronies aren’t returning to the American political scene in any way.